Pay close attention... 🧐⁣

Calories > Quality ⁉️⁣

➖ OR ➖⁣

Quality > Calories ⁉️⁣

These easy BBQ swaps can save you a lot of calories that could’ve blown your food intake for the day. During the holiday season when we relax into traditional eating habits sometimes it can draw us further away from our goals. 😊 

🍽 To help combat the BBQ season we have enlisted a couple ways to save on calories this year. 🔥 

However - if you look closely you may notice one swap has sacrificed its quality for less calories. 🔄 Is this okay? ⁣

We know that sometimes more refined foods and ingredients can hold less energy 🍞 - this could benefit you in a different. ⁣

🌱 We can make up for the lost nutrients by ensuring we keep our moderation in this particular food and balance it out with other quality ingredients - 🥗 like salad!! ⁣

So yes we do think it’s okay to sacrifice the quality and replace it elsewhere in the same meal. That way we gain both benefits in one and can continue to eat the foods we love on hot summer, BBQ days!! ☀️