5 Smoothie Recipes You Will Love!


After running a competition to find the ultimate smoothie recipe we couldn't share just one! 😍 We tried and tasted our favourites and knuckled it down to the top 5 best flavours. We chose these 5 as they not only tasted good but added a unique and valuable ingredient that would help improve your current nutrition. 

Competition Winner! 🥤🎉Snickers (& cauliflower! 😱) Smoothie - by @caitlin.chinnery 

➕85g cauliflower, frozen
➕30g chocolate, whey protein powder
➕1 date (pitted & soaked in hot water)
➕1 tsp cacao powder
➕20g peanut butter
➕125ml almond milk
➕a few ice blocks
➕we also added a touch of water as our protein powder made the mixture too thick!

🥤🥥Tropical Smoothie Bowl - by @paigetahleigha

➕30g banana, whey protein powder
➕200ml almond milk
➕100g banana
➕50g coconut yoghurt
➕30g avocado
➕20g peanut butter
➕2 dates (pitted & soaked in hot water)

🥤🌿Super Greens Smoothie - by @daxiepower

➕1x frozen banana
➕30g salted caramel, whey protein powder
➕1/2 cup frozen blueberries
➕handful micro greens (sprouts)
➕handful of spinach
➕1/2 cucumber
➕scoop of super greens powder
➕pinch of cinnamon
➕1 tsp hemp seeds
➕1 tsp lsa
➕coconut water (enough to build to right consistency)

🥤🍌Vegan Mega Protein Shake - by @daleberry

➕scoop of @pranaon coconut milk protein
➕2x bananas
➕1/2 cup oats
➕3 dates (pitted & soaked in hot water)
➕1 cup kale
➕1 cup spinach
➕1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks
➕2 tsp turmeric
➕1 tsp hemp seeds
➕small chunk of ginger
➕add water & ice to suit desired texture

🥤☕Protein Mochiatto

➕2 dates (pitted & soaked in hot water)
➕30g chocolate whey protein powder
➕20g peanut butter
➕1x coffee shot
➕1 cup almond milk
➕1 cup ice