An Introduction to Timing Food Around Training


If you aren’t fueling your body correctly before and after training, you are not recovering as well as you could be!
Dialing in the timing of your meals and their composition around your gym workouts can help you with recovery, and in turn help you reach your goals much faster. You will make that hour at the gym a lot more productive with the proper nutrition 👌😬

So what do we need to do BEFORE training? Firstly, get some intake of lean protein before your workout. You literally break down your muscles during exercise and weight training. Balance that with some slow digesting carbs such as Oats or Brown Rice.

Exercise depletes your glycogen and glucose levels, so you need carbs to replenish them! Oh, and keep your fat intake low in your pre-workout meal. Fat slows down digestion. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable in the middle of a hard workout 🤢

And what about after you’re done? Eat your post workout meal within an hour of your workout with lean protein and a mix of slow and fast digesting carbs.

Your food portions play a big role as well.. Every single person is different! Your body type, metabolism, daily activities and stress factors can all affect what works for YOU - have a chat to your coach if they have any specific advice for you!