Becoming a protein pro | Gains a la grains

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Attention, plant-based pals: this one’s for you!


Being plant-based and hungry for protein can be a tricky combination, but we’ve got some sound suggestions to help our meat-free Method members hit that magic macro!


If you’ve been plant-based for a while, chances are you’ve got a well-balanced plate under your belt. But if this is something you’re relatively new to, regardless of your reasons, you might want to consider a slow and guided transition into this new way of eating (or living!). Drastic habitual changes take time to implement and are usually more successful with a bit of research and a plan. For example, maybe start cutting out red meat and in that process, find yourself a really good substitute. Once you’ve got that down, swap your usual chicken intake for a meat-free option. If you usually have a skim latte, give yourself time to get in the habit of ordering a soy, almond or maybe oat milk latte instead. And don’t beat yourself up if you slip up!


So, what are some of the high protein subs you can start to play around with in your meal prep? Let’s get creative, starting with the easy stuff: tofu, tempeh and seitan. Lots of these also come as faux-meat products (like Quorn) and pack a whopping great big protein punch; in some cases, rivalling their carnivorous counterparts. Tempeh, for example, will serve you 41g of protein per cup, versus chicken breast (20g) and steak (25g). You can also get 20g out of our incredibly versatile friend, tofu, which loves to be scrambled and comes in so many flavoured variations from almost all major supermarkets; all you have to do is heat it up in a pan or microwave for a tasty snack, or add it to a salad - whatever your tummy desires!


Beans, beans, the magical food; surprisingly high in protein and they taste pretty good! We’ve rewritten the words in an ode to this little protein powerhouse and we’ll give a nod to the legumes in this bit, too. Edamame, black beans, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans; talk about bang-for-your-buck. You’re getting between 10-20g of protein per cup for these guys and with such a varied flavour profile across all of these options, they can be added to pretty much any cuisine! Have a play around with them and see what you can come up with! Have you heard of chickpea brownies? #justsayin


And if you need a top-up to get you over the line for the day, stock-up on some Prana-On protein for your shakes and smoothies. It’s widely available, has a trillion (or so) flavours and is 100% vegan-friendly!


Bottom line: do your research and be prepared to have your eyes widened as you navigate a plant-based palate. Lots of things might surprise you - did you know that up until 2016, Guinness beer was made with a product of fish? Yep! So, go easy on yourself if you miss something, have a plan with fail-safe food options and, as always, check the label for vegan or vegetarian-friendly stamps.