Chicken & Mushroom Risotto


The whole family will enjoy this heart warming winter spin on chicken, rice and veggies! β„️

πŸƒServes 4 // Macros per serve...
βž–455 Calories
βž–34g Protein
βž–52g Carbs
βž–6g Fats

βž•400g raw chicken breast
βž•15g butter
βž•400g mushrooms
βž•100g peas
βž• 2 garlic gloves, minced
βž•1 brown onion, chopped
βž•250g arborio rice
βž•1L chicken stock
βž•25g nutritional yeast


Oven bake your chicken for 15-20 mins at 180C. Once cooked shred your chicken with two forks and set aside.

Brown the mushrooms and peas in a pan with 5g of butter then place to one side.

In a large pot add the rest of the butter with your onions and garlic then sautè for 3-5 mins on low heat.

Turn to high heat and add your rice. Stir for 1 minute until the rice turns translucent. Add 3 1/2 cups of stock and turn back to low heat. Leave uncovered, stirring 1-2 times until liquid has absorbed. Check to see if rice has cooked through, if not add another 1/2 cup of stock.

Add mushrooms, peas & nutritional yeast to pot and warm through stirring consistently. Divide rice mixture and shredded chicken into 4 containers.

Garnish salt, pepper, greens and lemon juice. πŸŒΏπŸ‹