Meet Coach Paige

Health Coach

Today we want to introduce you to another one of our amazing coaches. Meet Paige!


What made you want to join The Method Now team?

I wanted to help people. Being a Method Coach allows me to share my knowledge and and experience with others to help them achieve their goals – it’s so rewarding.



Method Now Coach and CrossFit coach.


How do you fitness?

CrossFit! All the way.  

I also love being active outside as much as possible. CrossFit outside = WINNING.


Tell us about your athletic or training background?

Nothing amazing! I have always been active, played team sports as a teenager, later got into endurance sports – running and triathlons and have always loved yoga. It wasn’t until I found CrossFit that I really starting training properly. I’m not competitive but I love training everyday to improve my own skills, strength and fitness.


What are the staples in your diet?

Like many I lead a very busy life, between being a mum, my work with The Method helping my partner run his CrossFit gym I do A LOT of running around so I need to be organised with my food and tend to keep it pretty simple. That DOESN’T mean boring though. Staples in my house are: oats, berries, peanut butter, CoYo, roasted sweet potato, barramundi, Kale, Kombucha. Coffee staple – long black all the way 


If you can make it fit what is your favourite treat?

This changes all the time – a big fan of paleo treats such as the peanut butter cups we posted about a while ago! I usually have a stash of Halo Top Ice Cream at home. My fav treat during these warmer months has been CoYo with honey and frozen blueberries – tastes a lot naughtier than it is!


What is your life motto?

Go for it! No matter how it ends it was an experience. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


What are your future goals?

Continue to develop as a coach so I am able to help as many people as possible.


What is your favourite thing about being a Method coach?

The people. My clients, the other coaches, the whole community. They make me so proud to be part of the team and give me another thing to smile about and be grateful everyday. Helping people to find that food is fuel and that it is not an enemy by showing them you really can eat what you want without feeling guilt!


Where is your favourite place to travel?

I just love being outdoors – beach, mountains, countryside… anywhere where I can have fun being active outside in the sun. My last trip was to The Snowy Mountains in January for some hiking and mountain bike riding – can’t wait to go back.


Biggest tip for new clients?

Enjoy the journey – know there will be ups and downs but you will have support every step of the way. Change doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient with the process and be forgiving with yourself.

Be inspired by others results and transformations but don’t compare yourself to them.