Meet Coach Simone

Health Fitness Coach

Introducing Simone , one of the amazing coaches here at The Method.


What made you want to join The Method Now team?

The Method is about teaching people how to create healthy and sustainable lifestyles. So often I see over popularised programs that treat clients like cash cows. The Method is personal and a positive community where coaches and members can learn and grow together. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!



Method Now Coach, Crossfit coach at Mode Fitness, personal trainer.


How do you fitness?

Train full time for CrossFit. Also laugh, a lot.


Tell us about your athletic or training background?

I played rep soccer in Australia until 18, then moved to the United States to play college soccer. First introduced to weightlifting and Olympic lifting in 2015.


What are the staples in your diet?

Sweet potato and rice noodles! So good and lean red mince.


If you can make it fit what is your favourite treat?

I can always find a way to fit halo top in!


What is your life motto?

The mind is everything. What you think, you become.


What are your future goals?

To make it back to regionals in 2018 and hopefully compete at the CrossFit Games.


What is your favourite thing about being a Method coach?

The community! Everyone is so kind and helpful, sharing ideas, killer recipes and their stories. The Method members are wicked.


Where is your favourite place to travel?

So many places! But anywhere near the beach. I LOVE the ocean.


Biggest tip for new clients?

Biggest tip is to be kind to yourself and trust the process. This is about building sustainable lifestyle choices. Change doesn’t happen over night and progress it is not linear. The best things take the most time!