Shift your focus


How do you align your focus and arrange your priorities? Is getting up at 4am to train, even though you’ve had just five hours’ sleep, important to you? Do you try to maximise your daily step count, or would you rather take on more work and stay at your desk through lunch? How often do you get Uber Eats, rather than dedicate some time to grocery shop and meal prep each week?


While it’s incredibly important to work out a way to manage your time and priorities in a way that makes you happy, it’s worth considering if perhaps the order of your priorities might be counteracting one another. If you focus on training over sleep, you’ll likely reach a point where you’re too fatigued and burnt out to train properly, and this often leads to illness and injury…time out of the gym. If your nutrition isn’t a high priority for you and you’re quite happy to get takeaway every day, you might notice that it’s more difficult to achieve your body composition goals and maintain sufficient energy levels. If you aren’t consciously working on managing your stress levels (planning for your week, keeping a calendar/planner, not packing too much in), life can very quickly get on top of you and, again, other things that are important to you might start to crumble.


Here’s a friendly reminder to stop and take a second to look at how you structure your week. Have you scheduled rest days around your training to make sure you’re letting your body recover to be able to perform optimally and safely at the gym? Do you set time aside to meal prep once or twice a week so you can have nutritious meals ready to eat?


We tend to slip into comfortable routines doing the things that come naturally to us, or that we enjoy the most (like getting to the gym for an epic workout rather than slaving away in the kitchen). But ask yourself if you’re operating in a way that best supports you in achieving your big goals. The long term stuff. The big picture.