Six ways to set yourself up for success

If you’re new to The Method, welcome! We’re so excited to be part of your life and supporting your goals. And if you’re a Method OG, it’s an honour to have you continuing your journey with us! Thanks for choosing The Method and having us on your team.


We’re well in to 2020 now and while it’s been an undeniably turbulent start to the year for everyone, it’s always good to check-in and see how you’re doing with your goals and aspirations.


Have you set yourself some goals and targets that you’re working towards? Are they hard and fast, or maybe a little more flexible compared to previous ones? Are they in support of a bigger goal, or perhaps a selection of smaller goals that you’ve been wanting to work on for a while? Here are six timeless tips for setting yourself up for success, helping you reach your milestones and your end goals.


Glance back to look further forward

We’ve all read those Insta quotes that tell you it’s better to look forward and leave the past in the past…but we reckon reflection is pretty important. Why? Perspective. Gratitude. See what worked for you previously and what didn’t. With the right mindset, it’ll help you set your ambitions at the right level so you can push yourself and reduce the risk of disappointment; it can be a great way to see what you’ve already proven to yourself that you’re capable of; it can help you make more educated plans for the future. Grab a notepad and see what you can pull out from your previous experiences to make your current and future goals even better!


Understand your why and get with the bigger picture

All the little things usually amount to one big thing. Whether it’s getting back into your favourite jeans or dress, making a higher grade sports team, getting better results in your annual review at work or maybe even being able to fall pregnant or beat an impending health risk. Take a look at the bigger picture for you and be really honest with yourself about your why. This will also help you to have more open, honest and beneficial check-ins with your coach each week, as you’ll both be on the same page and fully understand your end goal, so you can chip away at it together and stay on track.


Make your goals SMART

This well-known acronym will help you set gangbuster goals and, most importantly, allow you to ENJOY the process. It stands for:


Specific - your goal should be clearly defined in your own terms. Rather than “get better at XYZ”, the overarching goal/statement should include the why and the how (which are explained further below).


Measurable - how will you know when you’re getting closer to your goal and when you’ve actually achieved it? Set measurable milestones or check-in points to make the journey more enjoyable and to give yourself more small wins to celebrate along the way!


Achievable - be realistic and don’t set yourself up for failure before you’ve even begun. Remember to glance back and reflect when setting a new goal so you can see how you’ve gone previously and don’t set yourself a task or target that will leave you feeling like you’ve failed. Smaller goals on the way to a bigger goal are always a good idea!


Record it - document your wins, set-backs, challenges, emotions and feelings; anything that will help you stay on track and even notice patterns over the course of the process (e.g. at this time of the month, I seem to be lacking energy more than usual - maybe I’ll talk to my coach about how I rejig my macros for these few days so I have more energy and less stress).


Timeframe - when do you hope to achieve the goal by? If you have a bigger overarching ambition, set shorter deadlines for smaller goals to help you on your way.


Celebrate EVERY win

And we mean every early morning wake-up, every prepped meal, every solid sleep, every new weight plate on the barbell, every single step that gets you closer to achieving your goal. This is hugely important and we can’t stress it enough!


Get excited about overcoming unexpected challenges and obstacles

This is a mindset thing. Rather than worry about what could go wrong; what could throw a spanner in your works; what could hurt; what could push you far out of your comfort zone; try looking forward to those challenges. Plan for them as best you can and embrace them. Then, of course, make sure you celebrate when you inevitably overcome them.



Plan it. Buy it. Experiment with it. Cook it. Enjoy it. Fuel yourself and most importantly, don’t forget to treat yo’self. We know a lot of Method clients are working with their coaches towards weight loss goals, and the idea of increasing macros and eating more food to lose weight can seem a little daunting! So if celebrating food and eating more of it isn’t in your plan just yet, don’t worry. You’ll get there and we’ll be right beside you.


So there you have it! Our top six ways to get your journey off to roaring start. Simple stuff, right? We are so excited to work with you and support you to achieving greatness and remember, your coach is right there with you; make the most of your check-ins each week by providing as much detail as you can, and being as open and honest with them (as you feel comfortable).