Aimee began her health and fitness journey through utilising strength training as a tool to recover from major back surgery at age 15. Following this Aimee went on to complete a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology and currently works as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist working with various clients with chronic health conditions where she is passionate about prescribing exercise to help clients improve their overall quality of life and physical function. Aimee found Crossfit in 2012 and with the combination of Crossfit and improving her relationship with food she was able to lose 10kg+ and totally overhaul her lifestyle. Along the way, Aimee has had ups and downs with injuries, hormonal issues, and stress, during each of these stages proper nutrition has been key in regaining her health. Aimee believes in an evidence-based approach to nutrition, however, understands there is not a one size fits all approach. Aimee will work with you to really get to know you and understand your story and will utilise this information to share nutritional knowledge and sustainable methods for you to incorporate in your life and start crushing your nutrition goals!