Katie’s passion lies in coaching and teaching people how to change their lives through exercise and nutrition. She has been training people for six years and is a CrossFit Certified Trainer (L-3).


Kate believes in walking the walk, practicing everything she teaches – she tracks macronutrients and uses a flexible lifestyle to support her competitive training and active job. These practices have allowed her to make huge progress in her gym performance and maintain a low body fat percentage – all without giving up any of the things she loves (i.e. food!).


Kate understands how great an impact food has, not only on athletes but on anyone who intends on living a long and healthy life. Food is the foundation, and improving the way we fuel our body can separate us from the pack. Using nutrition and macronutrient tracking, Kate endeavours to help people understand how good their body is designed to feel, and to create longevity and a quality of life their future self will thank them for!