Madison has always been involved in health and fitness, competing in swimming from an early age, and then making the transition over to CrossFit in early 2014. She found her love for nutrition after discovering how much of an impact it made on her performance and life outside of the gym. She is currently completing her bachelor degree in Nutritional and Dietetic medicine, as well as coaching and training full time. Madison has been fortunate enough to gain a position on the Reebok CrossFit Frankston team, competing at 3 Regionals competitions (placing 1st in 2018), and 2 CrossFit Games competitions (2017 & 2018). She made changes to her nutrition in 2017, and starting tracking her macros and following a flexible dieting lifestyle. In 2018, she gained her highest placing in the CrossFit Open, nailing down a top 30 spot (21st) in the Pacific region. She believes that the changes she made to her diet played a huge role in this, and strives to help others achieve their goals and maximise their results through the power of nutrition.