Mia’s lifelong interest in health and fitness lead her to pursue a career in medicine, graduating from medical school in 2015. She holds an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry (Boston College), currently working as an active US Navy Physician and serving as an Undersea Medical Officer.


As Mia progressed through her medical studies and begun CrossFit in preparation for navy dive school, she discovered how nutrition is the root cause for many diseases that plague America’s population. Mia hopes to educate and find solutions for not only competitive athletes, but people with chronic injuries. She understands the challenges and impacts that come with heavy work schedules and life demands, using the power of proper nutrition to help clients find a sustainable way to handle any challenge life throws at them.


Mia competed with Invictus Team Unconquerable at the CrossFit SoCo Regionals in 2016 and with Ocean State CrossFit at the NorthEast Regionals in 2018, finishing in seventh place.