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Nadia has been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years and is now completing a Bachelor of Nutrition. Becoming a Les Mills Group Fitness instructor and working as a Personal Trainer is what got her started before discovering heavy weights! She has competed in Fitness Modelling Bodybuilding competitions, dabbled in Crossfit but now follows a Hybrid style training method of Powerlifting/Bodybuilding/Olympic lifting combined.

Nadia is passionate about coaching people to reach their goals the way she has done by building a healthy relationship with food that can be sustained long term.

Most of Nadia’s experience with Nutrition has come from self-education through courses and seminars and by being coached by high-level coaches who have passed on their knowledge to her through years of her own personal journey. She believes having a coach herself has been a huge influence and impact on her journey and had led her in the path of wanting to continue the trend and help others.