Health and fitness have always been a passion for Paige and through her own journey discovered the freedom that healthy living brings. A master of application, Paige focuses on using her own experiences to help her clients grow to their full potential and live their best lives - to her, it’s not about numbers, it’s about empowering people to become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. A CrossFit coach and wannabe athlete, Paige spent decades exercising to be thin and meet some idealised standard of beauty until discovering CrossFit which taught her to instead train for her health - physical and mental. What her body looked like was no longer the primary focus, and instead, it was about what it could do - and that realisation marked the turning point in her journey. Having worked with everyone from athletes with badass performance goals to mums looking for their pre-baby body and anyone looking to feel better in their own skin there’s not a hurdle Paige doesn’t understand. And as a mum herself, she appreciates the demands of balancing motherhood with the physical and emotional challenges of bouncing back after pregnancy - better yet, she’s lived it first-hand. Driven by helping clients find success, Paige puts her heart and soul into every single person she works with - treading a fine line between providing the right amount of tough love and sisterly support along the way. But, best of all? Paige is passionate about getting straight to the point and tailoring individual plans that consider the most important part of the puzzle: YOU!