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Justin grew up playing and participating in several sports such as motocross, BMX, skateboarding, football, basketball, soccer, and much more! After graduating from school, and when his time playing competitive sports was over, he had to find a new way to let out his competitive outlet. After a few years of trying his hand in bodybuilding and competing in powerlifting, Justin discovered Crossfit. It wasn’t until competing in Crossfit that he found the true importance of what proper nutrition could do for not only his body composition and performance but also his overall quality of life.

Justin understands the struggle that people face when looking to reach their aesthetic, health, or performance goals and is passionate about helping bridge the gap inside of their nutrition.  He is extremely excited to share his love and knowledge for nutrition with others and combines his education with his own personal experiences to help provide a tailored, individual approach in helping clients get the results they are searching for!

On top of being a Certified Nutrition Coach, Justin is also a Crossfit L1 trainer and is located in Columbus, Ohio.