After more than 17 years as an ER nurse, Coach Lauren has seen firsthand how those who don’t make time for wellness, will eventually have to make time for illness. She’s been involved in health and fitness her whole life and fundamentally believes that nutrition is the key to healthy function and optimal metabolic balance.

Lauren has experimented with her own nutrition and learned to stop the dieting “be less” mentality, rather aiming her focus on fuel for performance. This has been personally life-changing for her and prompted her passion to help others.

Lauren deeply values the opportunity to help people improve their overall wellness and to help them be the best versions of themselves. It’s about empowering people to build foundational habits that improve mind, health, and wellness to last a lifetime. Aside from nutrition, Lauren is competitive by nature and loves training for big challenges! From CrossFit, to trail running and triathlons: she’s currently preparing for an ultra-distance OCR.