At the start of his own health and fitness journey, Coach Oliver (Olly) tipped the scales at 117kg and, more importantly, he was very unhappy. He undertook a total lifestyle change (no mean feat!) and not only lost a lot of extra weight, he also started achieving his fitness goals. 

Over the last seven years, Oliver developed a passion for CrossFit. It was soon after he started that he began to understand how fundamental nutrition is to performance, and now he loves using his knowledge and experience to help others do the same. Oliver's specialty lies in getting a deep understanding of his clients’ goals and taking a hands-on, holistic lifestyle approach to support them along the way. 

Oliver loves to keep fit doing CrossFit (he’s currently Head Coach at CrossFit Cartel) but the real fun comes when he’s able to get outside road biking, hiking and skateboarding as much as possible.