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Coach Paige has always been passionate about the world of health and fitness, and through her own journey, has discovered the freedom that healthy living brings. She uses her own experiences to help her clients grow to their full potential and live their best lives. To Paige, it’s not about numbers – it’s about empowering people to become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.

Paige spent decades exercising to be thin and meet society’s idealised beauty standards. One day, her focus changed and exercise became a means of strengthening what her body could do – not how it looked. She’s worked with everyone from athletes with bad-ass performance goals to mums looking to return to their pre-baby bodies and feel better in their own skin (as a mum herself, Paige understands this challenge firsthand).

Paige puts her heart and soul into every client she works with. She provides a combination of tough love and sisterly support, tailoring individual plans that consider each client’s uniqueness.