Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are macros?

    Macros is short for macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates (aka “carbs”) and fat. A gram of protein and a gram of carbs equate to four calories each, while a gram of fat contributes nine. Based on our calculations of your total daily expenditure and understanding of your goals, we will assign you a number of macros to hit each day. Counting macros is a more complex version of counting calories (but a more effective one too!).

  • How do you know what macros are going to work for me?

    Upon joining the Method you’ll fill out a questionnaire, which allows us to formulate a specific, individualised plan suited to you. The beauty of the program is in the check ins with your coach. Every week your coach will track your progress, and will adjust your macros as time goes on. If your progress plateaus or stalls, we have many tricks in the back to kick start it back into gear!

  • Do you tell me what to eat and when?

    Nope! That’s up to you – we’re just here to give advice and suggestions as to what we believe will work best for you. We know at times life gets a little out of control and things have to be changed. The great thing about our Method is that if your day day doesn’t go to plan, you can easily adapt your diet and hit your macros for that day. We’ll definitely teach you how to hit your macros, but we’ll leave you to make decisions around what food you eat.

  • How do I track my macros?

    When you sign up, we have a guide that explains everything in detail. We use apps and programs to make everything as simple as possible for you. It’s much easier than you might think, we promise!

  • What foods are off limits?

    Nothing is off limits as long as it hits your macro numbers. However, the healthier your food choices, the more food you’ll be able to eat, and the happier you’ll be!

  • Why don't we just count calories?

    While counting calories will help you achieve your goal of weight loss or weight gain, counting macros will determine what is lost or gained. We ensure you are losing fat and preserving or gaining muscle.

  • Whats your philosophy on nutrition?

    Everyone is different, and we don’t force any one way of eating on anyone. We have a few tried and tested rules that we stick to, but we will always adapt our method to suit everyone’s preferences. We strive to follow a paleo diet 80% of the time, minimising anything processed, but we will also make sure to include periods where we loosen the reins a bit!

  • Who does this program work for?

    Everyone, but you have to want to change. We’ll work with you to keep you focused on your goals and your reasons behind them. We’ll make the work towards achieving them as enjoyable as it can be.

  • Once I know my macros, can't I do it on my own?

    Absolutely, but we know you’ll get faster results if you stick with us! Your macro numbers will change weekly, based on your bodily changes, energy levels and hunger. Appropriate macro changes are difficult to make on your own, so better to leave it in the hands of a professional. We’ll take care of the ‘foundation’ stuff, so you can focus on enjoying your life and living it to the fullest! Our Method is designed to get to your goals as quickly (and sustainably) as possible, via the path of least resistance.

  • Are there cheat days?

    Officially, no. Unofficially, yes. We recommend avoiding the mentality of a ‘cheat’ day as that likely results in binging. Instead, plan days or social outings in advance where you happily allow yourself to enjoy ‘naughty’ foods you mightn’t consume regularly. Further, rather than thinking about cheat days, we encourage you to think about cheat meals. Just because you’ve blown most of your macros in one single sitting, doesn’t mean you have to write the whole day off!

  • Who will my coach be?

    We’ll allocate the coach who we believe will be the best fit for you and your goals. Please tell us if you have a preference!

  • Why don't you do meal plans?

    There are two key reasons why the Method provides macro targets (and teaches you how to hit them). Firstly, having a flexible plan where you work out your own food allows you to go with the flow of the day rather than having restrictions around what you can eat, and when. Secondly, it teaches you how to write your own plan and take control of your own nutrition. We help you learn about nutrition and what works for your body, building healthy habits for long term success. After all, we’re not going to be there to hold your hand your entire life (although we could be!).

  • Do I need to exercise for counting macros to work?

    Basically speaking, no you don’t. If your activity levels are low, we’ll take that into consideration when we calculate your macros against your goals. However, our aim is to help you become the best, happiest and healthiest version of yourself, and moving your body is an important part of that. We know it’s hard when you come from a background of not working out much, but it’s a change worth making given how good it will make you feel, and how beneficial it is to your physical and mental state – and to your future!

  • I’ve never been much of a cook. Does that matter?

    Absolutely not! It’s actually really easy to eat well, and to prepare meals that hit your macro requirements. We’ll give you some ideas, tips and tricks to get you started and before you know it, you’ll be surprised yourself at what you can whip up in the kitchen! We know life gets busy and it’s unrealistic to expect our clients to make themselves anything too complicated. The easier and quicker it is to prepare meals, the more likely you are to stick to your new lifestyle – and there’s nothing we don’t love about our clients kicking their goals!

  • Is there any danger in counting macros? I hear horror stories about other diets!

    There is no danger in counting macros, as long as your macros have been calculated appropriately by a professional (aka, our coaches!). In fact, there can be more danger in not tracking your macros, and remaining unaware of exactly what you’re putting into your body, what nutrients you might be lacking, and what impact this might have in the longer term.

  • How long does it take?

    The time it will take completely depends on the individual and their unique situation. However, there is no quick fix or short cut to achieving your goals. Our approach to change is to make it properly – which might mean taking longer, but also means permanent. Whether you want to lose 5kgs of fat or gain 10kgs of muscle, we’ll help you do so in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable. Yes, you could put yourself on a completely restrictive eight-week diet, but what’s the point when after eight weeks you’re so food deprived you eat everything in sight and undo all your ‘progress’? None. Our Method focuses on the long term. Of course we’ll help you achieve goals within a timeframe (say your wedding day or an upcoming holiday), but we’ll do it safely and, most importantly, sustainably. Trust us – you’ll be feeling so good and finding it so easy you’ll want to maintain your new lifestyle and habits!