Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are macros?

    Macros are: Protein, Carbs and Fat. Protein and Carbs each contribute 4 calories per gram, and fat contributes 9. Based on our calculations of your Total Daily Expenditure, and the calories that we work out based on your goals, we will assign you a number of macros to hit each day. Counting Macros is a more complex version of counting calories.

  • How do you know what macros are going to work for me?

    We have a specific formula that we apply once you fill out your new member questionnaire. Every plan is individualised, but the beauty of this program is in the check ins with your coach. Every week your coach will assess your progress, and will adjust your macros as time goes on. If your weight loss plateaus or stalls, we have many tricks in the bag to kick start it back into gear!

  • Do you tell me what to eat and when?

    Nope! That’s all up to you – we will give advice and suggestions on what we believe will work best for you, but we know sometimes life gets a little out of control and things have to be changed. The beauty of The Method is that if your day doesn’t go to plan, you can easily adapt your diet to still hit your macros for that day. We will DEFINITELY teach you HOW, but leave the foods you eat in your hands.

  • How do I track my macros?

    When you sign up, we will send you a guide that will explain everything in detail. It’s much easier than you might think, and we use apps and programs to make it simple for you.

  • What foods are off limits?

    Nothing is off limits as long as it fits your numbers. However, the healthier your food choices, the more food you’re going to get to eat, the happier you’ll be! More questions? Email us at

  • Why don't we just count calories?

    Counting calories will help you achieve your goal of weight loss/weight gain. Counting macros will determine WHAT is lost or gained. With specific macronutrient assignments, we ensure you are losing fat, and preserving or gaining muscle.

  • Whats your philosophy on nutrition?

    Everybody is different, and we don’t force any one way of eating on anyone! Personally we have a few rules that we stick to, and we love sharing these with our clients, but will always adapt to everyone’s preferences. We feel the best of following paleo 80% of the time, and minimising anything processed, but we also make sure we include periods where we loosen the reins a bit!

  • Who does this program work for?

    Everyone – but you have to want to change. We work with you on your goals and your “why”, to help keep you excited to work towards your goals.

  • Once I know my macros, can't I do it on my own?

    Absolutely, but we know you’ll get faster results if you stick with us! Your macro numbers will change week to week based on your bodily changes, your energy and your hunger. These changes are almost impossible to make on your own, so why not leave it in the hands of a professional! Our Method is designed to get to your goals the fastest, via the path of least resistance.

  • Are there cheat days?

    Officially, no. Unofficially.. yes. Plan them in advance (avoid impromptu cheat days. Those turn into binge days). The only time we do cheat days is major holidays (there are about 4 each year that are big enough to cheat) and an occasional social outing. And even then, it’s typically a cheat meal and not an entire day.

  • Who will my coach be?

    We allocate you a coach who we believe will be the best fit for you and your goals. If you have a preference, please tell us!

  • Why don't you do meal plans?

    The reason The Method provides macro targets (and teaches you how to hit them) is for two reasons. 1) By having a flexible plan where you work out your own food, it allows you to go with the flow of the day, having smaller restrictions on what you can and can't eat, as long as you stay within the guidelines. Your coach is there to keep you accountable and to give advice about timing, food substitutions, types of food etc. 2) It teaches you how to write your own plan and take control of your nutrition. We help you learn about your nutrition and what works for your body, building healthy habits for long term success.