The Method Now is an online platform that provides one on one nutrition and lifestyle coaching in the palm of your hand. Bringing together specialists from around the world to guide people from all walks of life; every client is specifically assigned to the coach who best suits your needs, goals, experiences and, in some cases, hobbies and interests.


We’re here to help you live your best life. Whether you’re a budding athlete or professional athlete; new parent or busy parent; fallen off the wagon or needing a whole new wagon; or maybe you’ve just tried every damn diet under the sun and you’re still not getting the results you want.

We use personal experiences and professional knowledge to provide individualised coaching and advice to suit each client’s needs. For some, that might mean focusing on calorie consumption; for others, it might mean tracking macros. Or, it might simply mean learning more about what food helps us feel and look our best! 

Regardless of the method that’s right for you, our focus is always on the long term and achieving the most sustainable results.


It starts with you. The more information your coach has to work with, the more you’ll get out of The Method. From the questions in our sign-up process, we start to get an idea about your background, motivation and objectives so we can match you with the best possible coach on our team. 

From there, your coach will reach out and provide you with all the information you need as well as answer any questions you have. You’ll gain access to relevant resources, information, blogs and recipes to help you on your journey. 

You’ll check in with your coach each week, measuring progress in a way that suits you. Some of the tools we use include: body weight, physical measurements, photos, nutritional intake and, of course, your thoughts, feelings and feedback. We know that not all of these tools will work for everyone, so our approach is flexible and completely tailored to the individual. 

Based on the data and information that you provide, your coach will provide adjustments and tweaks where necessary, to keep you on the path towards achieving your goals. And if you need to speak to your coach ahead of your check-in, they’re available for you.

We also have an incredibly engaged online member community that provides an amazing resource and support network. The one thing they’ll all agree on is to trust the process. 


See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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