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The Method - Personalised Nutrition Coaching

The Method is an online-based personal nutrition company, providing one-on-one coaching. We have a team of diverse coaches who we hand pick to work with clients, based on the client's goals and current situation.

The framework of The Method is built on tracking macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), first and foremost to educate our clients around their body and their needs. Our coaches build on that, working with clients through various things, including but not limited to: nutritional intake and timing, body composition changes, goal setting, along with many other non-nutrition related subjects like sleep, hydration, training and mindset.

Our aim is to bring out the best in everyone, getting to know our clients on a personal level so we know exactly what they need and how much. Our process is comprehensive, collecting data on our clients on a daily basis so we can accurately track what works and what doesn't, while always listening to our clients' needs.

Our Coaches

Aaron Troyer

 Aaron has a background in a handful of sports along with a degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado School of Mines in the United States. He is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and OPEX CCP Level 1 in Assessment, Program Design, Lifestyle Coaching, Business Systems, and of course Nutrition. His background in school along with years of coaching people in CrossFit lends itself well to the combination of science and human psychology required for success with nutrition. He currently eats with a goal of feeling as good as possible physically and mentally each day, in addition to supporting his training. His experiments on this pursuit have led to heaps of learning experiences that he’s excited to share to accelerate your progress.

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Aimee Fuller

Aimee began her health and fitness journey through utilising strength training as a tool to recover from major back surgery at age 15. Following this Aimee went on to complete a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology and currently works as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist working with various clients with chronic health conditions where she is passionate about prescribing exercise to help clients improve their overall quality of life and physical function. Aimee found Crossfit in 2012 and with the combination of Crossfit and improving her relationship with food she was able to lose 10kg+ and totally overhaul her lifestyle. Along the way, Aimee has had ups and downs with injuries, hormonal issues, and stress, during each of these stages proper nutrition has been key in regaining her health. Aimee believes in an evidence-based approach to nutrition, however, understands there is not a one size fits all approach. Aimee will work with you to really get to know you and understand your story and will utilise this information to share nutritional knowledge and sustainable methods for you to incorporate in your life and start crushing your nutrition goals!

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Alice Tucker

Sport has always been a major part of Alice’s life having grown up playing almost every sport under the sun – swimming, hockey, little athletics, basketball, the list goes on. Finally she settled on Tennis in which she was fortunate enough to gain a Division 1 NCAA College Tennis Scholarship to the University of Portland in the US. It was during this time that Alice’s interests in health and nutrition begun after having worked closely with the Strength & Conditioning coach there, beginning CrossFit in 2013 has only enhanced those interests. Alice was fortunate enough to gain an individual spot to the CrossFit Regionals competition in 2017 and she accounts a lot of that to the nutritional changes she made, specifically, tracking her macronutrients. Since doing so she has seen positive changes in all facets of her life – performance & recovery, mood/daily energy levels, relationships with others – and she wants nothing more than to help share this experience with others and to help people achieve their goals.

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Claire Hargreaves

Claire has been within the health and fitness industry for over 10 years as a personal trainer, CrossFit coach, nutrition coach and, more recently, a yoga instructor. She is currently completing separate degrees in Naturopathy and Psychology, which fuel her curiosity in optimising athletic performance naturally, bolstering mental health and mental toughness, healing the body, and harnessing vitality every day. Her passion is ignited by working with humans holistically; ensuring the balance of their mind, body and spirit. Claire’s authentic, caring, and energetic nature shines through in her coaching style as she drives humans to explore their potential. She has an ability to understand the individual capabilities of her clients and this attentiveness helps her draw out their strengths to capitalise on their goals, as well as emphasise areas for personal growth to help them flourish.

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Gemma Todd

Gemma loves to coach people from all walks of life - from those who want to build a positive relationship with food, to brides/husbands to be, to Mumma bears and even competitive athletes and fitness models who want to rock the stage or have modelling photo shoots. Gemma has helped so many members get to their goals! On a personal level, Gemma has competed in CrossFit and fitness modelling on a local, national and world level, competing in a total of 18 fitness model competitions and holding a state title in WNBF. Over the last 8 years has coached state and national bikini and fitness model titleholders and been featured in national fitness magazines.

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James Tasker

A country boy at heart, James grew up in the small towns of Deniliquin & Albury playing sports and music, and now calls Melbourne home. At the age of 15, James fully ruptured his AC Joint playing AFL and wasn’t able to have reconstructive surgery until a year later. At the time, he would have loved to have someone like himself to help rehabilitate, coach him through recovery, and encourage him to play footy again. While he would never play footy again, this injury inspired him to want to help others in the aspects of strength & conditioning and rehabilitation, thus leading him to pursue a double bachelors degree in Biomedicine and Exercise Science from Victoria University. With over six years of experience in the health and fitness industry, James has become well versed in nutrition, personal training, and exercise programming. James started Crossfit recreationally in 2016 and has gone on to love all aspects of the sport. He hopes his passion for health and nutrition inspires others and enables them to achieve shorter-term goals and lasting life-long changes.

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Jasmine Wayth

Sports and fitness, in particular, CrossFit and dancing, have been a huge part of Jasmine’s life for as long as she can remember. However, it wasn’t until she realised the degree to which food could affect her mood, sleep, energy levels, and sports performance that her passion for nutrition arose. After finishing school Jasmine went onto complete a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and worked as a clinical Dietitian within the Queensland Health Hospital System. Jasmine’s love for both fitness and nutrition lead to her continuing her studies to become a Sports Dietitian. She has experience working with athletes involved in endurance, power sports (powerlifting and olympic lifting), and physique/ body composition manipulation sports, from amateurs up to national level competitors. Jasmine’s strong values and beliefs for holistic health, balanced nutrition and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle stem from her own past negative relationship with food. From this, she is able to provide a unique understanding and realistic approach to her nutrition coaching. Jasmines coaching style encompasses the individuals’ physical health and wellbeing, sports performance, and recovery along with the individuals’ mental health and relationship with food to ensure a holistic approach is applied.

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Kate Gordon

Kate has been training people for 6 years and is a CrossFit Certified Trainer (L-3). As a trainer and a member of CrossFit Level 1 seminar staff, Kate’s passion has been around coaching and teaching people how to change their lives with exercise and nutrition. Kate believes in walking the walk by practicing everything she teaches; she tracks macronutrients and uses a flexible lifestyle to support her competitive training and active job, which has allowed her to make huge progress in her performances in the gym, maintain a low body fat and all without giving up any of the things she loves, i.e. food! Kate understands just how great an impact food has not only on humans working out in the gym regularly but anyone who intends on living a long and healthy life. As an athlete, food is the foundation and improving the way you fuel your body will separate you from the pack. Now, Kate endeavours to help people that are looking to make a positive change in their lives! Using nutrition and macronutrient tracking, she wants to help you understand how good your body is designed to feel and create longevity and a quality of life that your future self will thank you for!

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Kayla Banfield

Founder of the Method, Kayla Banfield, has always been passionate about nutrition and training. Coming from a background of high level school sports, Kayla took that drive and work ethic and built a successful media career, firstly as a children’s TV presenter and more recently covering competitive sports. Inspired by what she saw around her in the elite athletic space, the Method was formed as a way to bring the same degree of control to people’s nutrition that those athletes sought without the accompanying burdens of time and complexity. Always striving to be at the forefront of the latest science in nutrition, Kayla manages our team of coaches to ensure the consistency and quality of advice to our clients.

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Laura Sitter

Laura has been involved in sports and physical activities from a young age and became very interested in the relationship between food and quality of life. She believes that nutrition has such a huge impact on so many areas of our lives including sleep quality, stress levels, work productivity and especially our ability to be active and improve training performance. Combining her love of food and sports, Laura went on to gain her qualification as a Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition degree and a major in Psychology from Deakin University. Since leaving university Laura has managed a nutrition consultancy business assisting clients optimise their health and fitness. Laura’s goal is to improve people’s relationship with food and improve their knowledge and understanding of food intake in optimising performance and achieving sustainable long-term benefits. “We all want our relationship with food to be a great one because it is a relationship we are in for the rest of our life”.

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Madison Tatt

Madison has always been involved in health and fitness, competing in swimming from an early age, and then making the transition over to CrossFit in early 2014. She found her love for nutrition after discovering how much of an impact it made on her performance and life outside of the gym. She is currently completing her bachelor degree in Nutritional and Dietetic medicine, as well as coaching and training full time. Madison has been fortunate enough to gain a position on the Reebok CrossFit Frankston team, competing at 3 Regionals competitions (placing 1st in 2018), and 2 CrossFit Games competitions (2017 & 2018). She made changes to her nutrition in 2017, and starting tracking her macros and following a flexible dieting lifestyle. In 2018, she gained her highest placing in the CrossFit Open, nailing down a top 30 spot (21st) in the Pacific region. She believes that the changes she made to her diet played a huge role in this, and strives to help others achieve their goals and maximise their results through the power of nutrition.

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Mia Edgar

Mia has had an interest in health and fitness from an early age leading her to pursue a career in Medicine. Mia is an active duty US Navy Physician who graduated from medical school in 2015 and received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Boston College. As she progressed through her medical education and started to pursue Crossfit in preparation for Navy Dive School, she began to realize how nutrition is the epicenter for the majority of diseases that plague America. She currently serves as an Undersea Medical Officer focusing on hyperbaric medicine and of course fighting chronic metabolic disease. She began to focus on nutrition for performance as she became more competitive in the sport of Crossfit. She competed with Invictus Team Unconquerable at SoCal Regionals in 2016 and with Ocean State Crossfit at NorthEast Regionals in 2018 with a 7th place finish. Mia hopes to educate and find solutions for not only the most competitive athletes but also those with chronic injuries. She realizes the power of proper nutrition but also the challenges of a heavy work schedule and hopes to help every client find a sustainable way to handle any challenge life throws their way.

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Paige Williams

Health and fitness have always been a passion for Paige and through her own journey discovered the freedom that healthy living brings. A master of application, Paige focuses on using her own experiences to help her clients grow to their full potential and live their best lives - to her, it’s not about numbers, it’s about empowering people to become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. A CrossFit coach and wannabe athlete, Paige spent decades exercising to be thin and meet some idealised standard of beauty until discovering CrossFit which taught her to instead train for her health - physical and mental. What her body looked like was no longer the primary focus, and instead, it was about what it could do - and that realisation marked the turning point in her journey. Having worked with everyone from athletes with badass performance goals to mums looking for their pre-baby body and anyone looking to feel better in their own skin there’s not a hurdle Paige doesn’t understand. And as a mum herself, she appreciates the demands of balancing motherhood with the physical and emotional challenges of bouncing back after pregnancy - better yet, she’s lived it first-hand. Driven by helping clients find success, Paige puts her heart and soul into every single person she works with - treading a fine line between providing the right amount of tough love and sisterly support along the way. But, best of all? Paige is passionate about getting straight to the point and tailoring individual plans that consider the most important part of the puzzle: YOU!

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Rachel Wilson

Rachel has always had an interest in health and has been competitive in a variety of sports growing up. For the past 6 years she has worked as an Emergency Nurse in Melbourne, seeing the very real impact that lifestyle choices have on the human body. Frustrated at the need for Australia to make a shift towards preventative medicine, she completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition at Deakin University in 2015. Rachel found CrossFit in 2013, eventually making the switch over to weightlifting in 2017, where she was the 58kg Victorian state champion and Australian national silver medallist. By tracking macronutrients she has been able to optimise her body composition to best suit her weight class and has improved her relationship with food by focusing on performance and recovery.

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Simone Arthur

Simone has always enjoyed competitive sports, earning herself a scholarship at Southern University in the United States where she played 4 years of Division 1 collegiate soccer. In conjunction with her studies, she was also an assistant strength and conditioning coach for Southern University. Simone’s passion for nutrition and body transformation came when she started CrossFit in 2016 finishing the open in the 5,000th spot for Australia, weighing 75kg. Simone gave herself 12 months to make regionals and lose over 10kg. Through careful dietary changes, Simone has now lost 15kg and this year successfully qualified for The Pacific CrossFit Regionals, where she placed 14th.

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Stephanie Moore

Steph began her fitness and nutrition journey when she found CrossFit in 2013. Since then she has been coaching at an affiliate and is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2). She also runs her own personal training business specialising in advancing the individual in their athletic endeavours. Through her own macronutrient tracking Steph now fully understands the impact the correct nutrition can have on performance and aesthetic goals, achieving great personal results in and out of the gym while living a flexible and social lifestyle. She truly believes in this flexible diet approach and can relate to many of the demands and impacts everyday life can have on following a calculated macronutrient program. Steph’s relationship with food and her body has changed dramatically through the tracking of her macros during the various phases of her training and she is so excited to share what she has learned with others. Her passion to witness others succeed is paramount and thoroughly enjoys experiencing all the journey has to offer alongside her clients.

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